Don’t ask Mee if you’re looking to cure the hiccups

Kids grow up so quickly. One day they’re setting records for the longest bout with hiccups and the next? They’re murdering people. Such is the case with Jennifer Mee who was arrested today on first degree murder charges in Florida. And the bummer of it is, since she can’t play Division I College Football she’s going to have to face the music just like the rest of us.

Unbelievably, I never caught wind of the hiccuping travails of  Little Miss Mee back in 2007. Mee and her mother lapped up all the national media attention her problem received, even appearing on the Today Show. What’s funny/sad/ironic/predictable is that in the video clip from ’07 which is attached to this link, Meredith Vierra asks Mee what she plans on doing for attention after her role as “Hiccup Girl’. Well, I think we have our answer to that one.

Mommy Mee contends that Jennifer wouldn’t hurt a fly. But mom doesn’t happen to mention what Mini Mee might do to a twenty two year old who decides to fight back at his attackers.



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