The skirts are too damn high?

Crime on the rise? Economy on the down low? Currency behaving itself with all the vigor of mashed potatoes? Terrorist threats?

Yeah, I guess these issues have some import. But small town mayor Luigi Bobbio is setting his sights on what he sees as a clear and present danger.

Mini skirts.

He wants to ban ’em.

At this rate, the mayor of Castellammare di Stabia is going to go down as the most unnecessary public servant since Madonna stopped pretending she was a virgin. Has to.

I mean, how do you stand up in front of a city council and with a straight face exclaim “The mini skirts are too damn high!” If he was lit, I’d understand it. If he brought in strippers immediately after that exclamation, I’d understand it. But I just don’t understand this.

Castellammare di Stabia isn’t going to be a destination point of mine anytime soon if this guy has his way. Even if I do love saying that name. I’m pretty sure that’s the hometown of Frankie Five Angels. Maybe it was Joe Pepitone.

Castellammare di Stabia . . . say it loud and there’s music playing, bafangul!

Luigi Bobbio goes right to the top of my list of conservatives I most dislike, right ahead of my son. I’m just kidding. Hannity would be second . . . then my son.

Bobbio also wants to ban football playing in public spaces and swearing. If he gets his wish on this mini skirt ban . . . I have a feeling the locals are going to need to invest in a bigger paddy wagon in dealing with that swearing ban.

It’s nice to know stupid is a universal language.


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