Electric cars ARE gay . . not that there’s anything wrong with that

You know . . . good for Ron Howard. Here is another person (to go along with Rimes) I’m liking more today than I did yesterday.

Howard decided NOT to cut the line out of his movie “The Dilemma”,  where Vince Vaughn refers to an electric car as being ‘gay.’ Howard kinda eased back and to the side from there by explaining that in leaving the gay line in his movie, it highlights the flaws in Vaughn’s character.

You didn’t have to explain it any further Ronnie . . . even if organizations such as GLAAD were pushing hard for a re-write on the script. Because as far as I’m concerned, art ain’t always agreeable to the senses.

Electric cars, while extremely thoughtful inventions which can do a great deal of good for our environment . . . are gay.

6 thoughts on “Electric cars ARE gay . . not that there’s anything wrong with that

  1. Talk about a flashback! Fan…fucking tastic. This was in the days when Drinks had like, three followers. I shouldn’t say shit like that, seeing as how I don’t know how many I have currently, lol.

    Not for nothing, but I’m not sure whether the dude who commented on this post was agreeing with me, or insulting me. I thought I made it clear that I was commending Howard’s inclusion of a line that should not have been removed. It’s called artistic license for a reason, and it’s really, really dangerous when people start fucking with that.

    And seriously, if you’re driving an electric car in the zombie apocalypse, you’re gonna be meat mulch…

    • I think the dude that commented was laughing With you. Like spending money on a Tesla is insane…better to spend it drinking the good shit. Which back in 2010 I was doing plenty of. 🙂

      Totally agree with you and Ron though. Served to make Vince look like a jerk face idiot. Which granted isn’t all that hard to do, but still.

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