No Rimes or reason to get married

I just don’t understand what these celebrity chicks are thinking. Why would LeAnn Rimes get married when she is digging up the hot zone at such an impressive rate? All I know about Rimes’ love life- and all I am certain to ever know about it- is that she is telling anyone who cares to hear it that she is NOT engaged to a male model named Thor. The only other thing I know about her after some extensive research (two seconds worth) is that she denies being a home wrecker.

I actually had more respect for her when I read that home wrecker business. Who wants pablum in their divas? I want a serious bitch who will scratch your eyes out and dunk them in her martini after she’s done banging you. Personally that is the kind of girl I steer away from anymore . . . but in a diva? Oh hell yes.

Rimes’ has to dump any engagement talk and just stay filthy, like the rest of us fun loving souls who understand marriage from the buyer’s remorse end of the business. She should hump as many hunks as womanly possible. Hey, it works for the likes of Mike Piazza- who very smartly chose to unionize himself at the END of his playing days once the road wasn’t going to be calling him to get in as much trouble. Rimes should take heed.

She’s got the rock star life thing going really well, I’d hate to see the girl throw it all away for some insecure putz who can’t handle her fame and starts tapping her girlfriends.

Hopefully, LeAnn comes to her senses. If not, she can always give Sandra Bullock a call.


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