It kan’t git eny wurse!

I’m still leaning toward Brazil as a landing spot for me some day sooner than later, even after my future Sao Paolo neighbors voted a real live clown into Congress last month.

His professional name is Tiririca the Clown- translated from Portuguese it’s Grumpy. He can’t read or write. He has no flipping idea as to how his new gig works.

See, whereas the American system favors the patience of a Laurel and Hardy routine which our Congress is only too happy to provide, the Brazilians prefer the instant gratification slap face of Three Stooges humor.

Other than the delivery, it’s the same package.

This really makes things so much easier, since I no longer have to sweat on what I’m going to do for employment once I get to Brazil. I figure to read the voters some Hemingway, alternating between English and Spanish as I cook up some local fare for ’em while juggling kittens.

I’ll be President in no time flat.


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