Yo God! Wassup wit dat!

When I read this piece about a Buffalo Bills player condemning the man upstairs for dropping a game winning catch, I had to laugh. And then I thought to myself . . it’s about damn time!

Seriously . . . the nerve of these guys. Thinking more of themselves than is really necessary. Let’s face it, the only reason athletes are followed so closely is because they have comic book lives and possess no concept as to what responsibility really means. Who wouldn’t want to be them?!

Professional athletes have been thanking God for years after big catches and Super Bowl victories. As if the Man upstairs is really paying any attention whatsoever to a fucking football game. As if He is taking the points on Dallas or laying them on Miami. As IF.

I’m pretty sure if you asked God what football was, he would tell you it’s what led to Adam and Eve-Gate.  See, football doesn’t matter much to God. As in, whatsoever.And he’s far from alone in this opinion. Because really, football doesn’t matter to most of us. At all.

Hey, don’t kill me for this guys. But any endeavor which celebrates Terrell Owens and a guy named “Pacman” is not a sport worthy of attention or debate for more than say, a couple seconds. After which, you should be fully immersed in a much more entertaining recreation. Sudoku for one thing. Anything else for the other.

The Super Bowl is kitschy, sure. But that’s only ’cause there are wings and funky dips and cold beer involved. What? You thought people tuned in for something other than the commercials? Think again, football fan. And think as hard as humanly possible without producing streams of smoke which would wake the NASA guys from their candy bar induced comas.

I checked on this player’s name only so’s I could be official on this post. His name is Steve Johnson. I’ve never heard of him.

And neither has God.


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