Top free agents of 2010

It’s the end of the year which means its time to rank the top free agents of the year. And I’m not talking Cliff Lee here. This FA list is all about the celebrity hotties who returned to circulation in 2010.

Granted, some of these gals have already been taken off the market. But for a brief period in time this year, they were in the same singles pool as I. Okay, they were in the same singles hotel . . .resort area? Country?

Oh well, my top ten nonetheless.

10- Christina Aguilera- When she ditches the pop for slinky dresses and piano dancing . .  it’s really sexy stuff.

9- Kate Winslet- She possesses one of the most powerful ‘come hither’ looks in the business.

8- Jennifer Carpenter- Old school appeal. What makes her so much hotter even is the fact she keeps her relationship business on the QT.

7- Sandra Bullock- She’s versatile as all get out. She’d turn heads dressed to the nines, but she would make jeans and sweats work just fine too.

6- Jenny McCarthy- Incredibly real. That ‘what you see is what you get’ quality is a real turn on. Powerful combination of humor and great looks.

5- Eva Longoria- She’s reminiscent of a classic leading lady, at least that’s the vibe she exudes.

4- Susan Sarandon- She IS that classic leading lady. As beautiful as ever.

3- Reese Witherspoon- Not as sweet as the girl she portrays in the movies. Good. She’s another gal who gets better looking with age.

2- Scarlett Johansen- A real looker with pouty lips. Enough said. In any other year she would probably top this list.

1- Halle Berry. She is the belle of this ball. The preeminent free agent. She pulls off any look- short hair, long hair- with ease. She has a natural sex appeal that draws men and women into her web. Which is why she resides at the top of this list.


4 thoughts on “Top free agents of 2010

  1. The list was easy. I had a top five in mind even before googling ‘celebrity breakups in 2010’.
    Thanks for the kind words re: blog title/subtitle. It’s quite appropros to my personality.

  2. Red boots are really hard to pull off. If I were Sandra B, I’d have gone with purple if I was feeling fashionably wild.

    Not that I would know anything about . . . that stuff.

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