Every dog has his day

In pro football, you can screw up mightily on and off the field and fetch handsome new contracts in spite of it.

One of the all time screw-ups is Michael Vick. A talent on the field but a complete miscreant off it, he was given a second chance after doing jail time for torturing and murdering dogs. “I made a mistake,” was Vick’s dumbed down explanation for his horrific actions.

Well, a mistake is a mistake . . . one. It’s singular. An incident, an unfortunate event. It doesn’t continue over several years as Vick’s dog-fighting ring did.

What I never understood about the Vick apologists is how they never seemed to grasp that. And it was amazing to me how smart folk such as Whoopi Goldberg played off Vick’s treatment of animals as a cultural phenomenon. A stance Vick was only too happy to hide behind.

The culture club didn’t have an explanation for why Vick and his guys were busy ridding his property of any hints of dog-fighting when the feds arrived. Wasn’t his southern upbringing enough of an explanation, after all?

Anyways . . .

Vick’s second chance season didn’t end the way so many predicted it might. No last minute comeback. No playoff victory. No Super Bowl run.

Make no mistake, Vick had no excuse for losing this game today. And make no mistake, Vick lost this game. Because he threw a pass into the end zone more befitting a rookie than a veteran. You always throw that pass high with the idea that if you miss, the worst that happens is it goes out of bounds.

It was funny how many times these announcers excused Vick’s less impressive performance over the past few weeks on the fact he has been getting beat up lately.

You would think that a guy who was so accomplished at dishing out a beating would know how to take it . . .





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