why is everything a fight?

Oh God, I want to rant.

I have a rather mean post that could be done as to the politicization of that which I was hoping wouldn’t be politicized at all.  It’s about that shooting on Saturday at the Safeway in Tuscon, Arizona? Yep. That one.

Funny how even us cynical creeps think better than the chaff we elbow our bloody elbows across. The ones who are doing the very thing we prayed against for most of the hours since the news broke that people had been shot and that lives were lost.

As far as things changing? Well, things have changed. They’ve just gotten worse, as impossible as it is to believe.

Christina Green was a little girl who belonged to Student Council and she had more hobbies than most kids my age. And she had a hell of a lot more going for her when it came to believing in such a thing as progress and change. Her political views came down to this: She wanted to help others when she grew up.

As far as I’m concerned. That’s a hell of an effective politician right there.

But she didn’t get the chance to grow up because a psychopath woke up on Saturday morning right along with her and his dreams were different than hers.And he decided to change the agenda on things.And he was allowed to change that agenda. At least by all evidence of breaking news, he was.

He was able to do the very thing that Christina Green was not. Change the future. And it makes no fucking sense at all that he gets to be a voice in something while she gets to be remembered for five minutes time.

And I have a mean post going but I can’t write it. I won’t. Because I have a grown up voice telling me not to behave the same as the others sitting at my table. The ones who pit side versus side in a positional scrum.

Those people want to win an argument, that’s all they want.

And I would like to know how there can be any winning side to the fact that Christina Greene is gone.





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