NFL players all a-Twitter

I gained a new (any) appreciation for Twitter when NFL players began displaying their mad smarts on it.

The term ‘smarts’ is ironic.

Twitter is wildly popular because it requires the attention span of a goldfish. This appeals to many Americans since they can devote time to more important things like Facebook, apps, TMZ and yes, following their Twitter accounts. If you can fill out a money order, you’re probably overqualified when it comes to tweeting.

Professional athletes were made for this stuff.

Recently, a few NFL players decided to trash one of their own. Quarterback Jay Cutler came under fire from his brethren for having the audacity to leave a game after injuring his knee. What ensued was mucho macho malice.

Mark Schlereth boasted that he played through more than twenty head knocks during his career. And yes, every time he opens his mouth he proves it.

Maurice Jones Drew was another of the Twitterati who slammed Cutler DURING the game on Sunday. It was the only playoff action Drew has seen in, maybe forever?

Chad Ocho Johnson is a big Twitter guy. He tweets during the game, he tweets about his show, he tweets about steel cage matches with his coach. Unfortunately, Chad is the face of the modern athlete. He has more name changes than playoff wins.

Antonio Cromartie of the New York Jets got his Twitter on by threatening another player. Cromartie became upset when Matt Hasselbeck of Seattle asked if he knew what CBA stood for, before pulling the post later on.

The reply to this major league diss was Shakespearean, which is more irony on my part.

“Hey Matt if u have something to (say) then say it be a man about it. Don’t erase it . . . I will smash ur face in.”

Couple of things. First of all, I think Hasselbeck went easy on his colleague. I would have asked Cromartie to spell CBA. Another thing is, Cromartie never did answer the question. And perhaps most importantly . . threatening someone with bodily harm is actually a criminal offense. From the looks of it, laws don’t seem to hold much sway with this Antonio character.

All of this crankiness can be easily explained by the fact the union reps are feeding their community the kind of info that jostles them from their candy store induced coma. Jocks don’t handle bad news very well. Which means, at all.

News of a work stoppage next season is rattling the ranks but good. Imagine the effect of these inmates running their asylum into a brick wall will have on the folks who actually work for a living. Nine percent of the population is out of a job, and half that number consists of people with college degrees. REAL ones.

As the Joker once said, when the chips are down . . these ‘civilized’ people, they’ll eat each other.

So much irony. So little smarts.


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