When are they going to stop with the Roman Numerals?

I haven’t had a rooting interest in a Super Bowl since Ronald Reagan was in the White House, so it was apropos that his 100th birthday was celebrated posthumously on Sunday. Being a Dolphins fan means never having to call in sick the day after the big game.

The best thing about the Super Bowl is that it means we are less than a week away from pitchers and catchers. The next best thing about the Super Bowl is having an HDTV to watch it on. Of course, I relegated mine to a paperweight when I canceled my cable mere days before kickoff. Timing was never a strong point of mine as my ex wife would attest.

While a strip club would have been my second choice for a viewing spot, I had the kids to consider. So we camped out at my mother’s for the Super Bowl. Mom is a huge Packers fan, and even more importantly, she likes her drink. And she likes making football game fare- like loaded tacos and wings. And did I mention she likes her drink?

My son happens to share in his grandmother’s love of Lambeau. This was way cool since I got to tease them incessantly as to what a fun game it was as they bit their fingernails to bloody stumps. Having a rooting interest in the Super Bowl is vastly overrated. There is so much other crap to concern one’s self with like commercials, food and yes . .  my mom’s drinks.

On the other end of the spectrum there’s my daughter. She holed up in my mother’s bedroom to watch something other than the Super Bowl- one of only eight people in the United States to have achieved that distinction. While it was fun to be sharing the game with Packers fans, it was funner to take a time out to play Scrabble with my girl and make fun of the term “Cheeseheads”. If you don’t consider funner to be a word, you haven’t had one of my mother’s drinks.

My Super Bowl experience has been compiled into a list of things that sucked and things that rocked . . .

SUCKED . . .

-Pre-game shows, which once again bore no resemblance to the results. Why have these?
-Concerts don’t belong at sporting events.
-James Harrison played a clean game and was invisible. Coincidence?
-The NFL screws several hundred fans out of seats yet Arod and Cameron Diaz get ringside seats so they can leave in the second quarter?
-Too many commercials seemed to be trying too hard.
-Danica Patrick isn’t all that sexy. And she never wins a race.  

 ROCKED . . .

-Christina Aguilera’s take on the National Anthem was really smart. She knew there was no topping Whitney Houston, so why not go the other way? People don’t remember mediocre, but they never forget really bad. Ask the Cavaliers.
-Doritos kicked ass with the Pug and House Sitting spots.
-Charles Woodson has a ring.
-Brett Favre at home in Mississipi is like Napoleon Bonaparte at home in St. Helena.

My son had a parting shot for the classless act of Favre being replaced by the new guy when he said “Karma wears Number 12”.

That’s a good thing.


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