Charlie Sheen intern prize winning entry? thats what SHE said . . .

I was uber motivated when I read where the just fired Charlie Winner is shopping for an intern. Now, I can’t show you the entry I submitted to cause well . . . I want to win! Dammit. (!) (?) Even though, I have a feeling Emilio Estevez has a better shot at the brass knuckle ring than I do.

So I figured I might as well hazard a guess as to what the mercury surfer is really looking for, and who is likely to win top cupcake. Come to think of it, I’m probably going to submit this ditty as well.

I am a nineteen year old coed with major league C cups and a tongue which can solve Rubiks cube. My meth addiction allows my lithe frame to channel Jimi Hendrix into your vital member and the best part is that my face hasn’t Mick Jaggered yet! I easily fit under desks, podiums and girlfriends. Bodily fluids will never evade my capture.

I can work under the table as well as on top of it.  

God bless capitalism.


3 thoughts on “Charlie Sheen intern prize winning entry? thats what SHE said . . .

  1. Has anyone considered poor Jon Cryer’s feelings in this whole mess? If the show ends up flopping without Charlie, what’s Cryer going back to now that John Hughes is gone?

  2. Not being US based most of this passes over my head or maybe beneath my feet: However reading your ditty (which I kind of suspect is invented…..) it brought to mind an actual message which I was sent when I was subscribed to an on-line dating site:
    ‘The Brain from the Ukraine’ said: I wish to be a Maid in the kitchen a cook in the bedroom and a whore in the living room. If you think you want to be my husband and you love my singing, please tell me your favourite mammal, in case I make some Bitochki for your family.

    I decided to refuse her advances . . . fearing for my life .

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