not fast food questions, food questions served quickly . . .

How long before there is one foodie show for every person on the planet?

And have you noticed there ARE three wine labels for every person now?

Does Dennys serve up a five dollar bill in that $8 plate?

Is Taco Bell serious when it defends its beef pinata mix?

The 600 pound spokesman for Heart Attack Grill dies and they have to investigate the cause of death?

Did Jared finally go back to doing whatever he was doing before Subway?

Dominos Pizza launches a new campaign which basically admits they were screwing you before their facelift?

Is there a more annoying commercial than the one with those McDonalds drummers?

Shouldn’t Pizza Hut concentrate on making good pizza before they start screwing up wings too?

All you can eat buffets . . . are they the new singles bars?

Is it uncool not to like Anthony Bourdain?

Am I the only person who misses the old Iron Chef show?

Isn’t it a bit disturbing that we have access to classified government documents but KFC’s secret recipe is still safe?

But then again, would we really want to know?

And one last question, this one comes with an answer . . . . What is the best drink before sex?

The one you’re drinking, of course.

Drink of the evening- Gin and tonic with lime, those little slices of zest . . how I love them.


2 thoughts on “not fast food questions, food questions served quickly . . .

  1. re Is it uncool not to like Anthony Bourdain?

    At last, somebody else who dislkes him? I AM NOT ALONE
    I read his book whijc I thinkmwas called “Confessions of a bigoted power crazy egomaniac in the kitchen and I prayed to the God of Salmonella to bring righteous vengeance upon him or at very least I wished he could have been more confidential and keep his mouth shut and not publish any more self-promotional drivel.

    Why do celebrity chefs often think being a grotesque bully is laudable?

    Could you please pass me the salt…. thanks, you are so kind . . . don’t suppose it makes ‘interesting TV’ ah well back to Mrs Beeton . . . .

    My post today was also about food salsiccia and gorgonzola and their hallucinogenic properties . . . .

  2. Bourdain Must Die. Hmmm, considering his quixotic effect on women, we may have no choice but to consider it.
    A last ditch effort to save those women who have not yet fallen under his spell. Before it’s too late.
    Hey, let’s peddle this to NBC.

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