Bud Selig’s Next ‘Gift’ To Fans? Retirement

My favorite sport in the world- other than Vera Farmiga flicks- is baseball. This weekend was my happy place. What with the Red Sox going winless, the Yanks crushing the ball as if Barry Bonds was their trainer and Roger Clemens completely off the radar . . no simple task when you take into account his post career girth.

I only have a couple of complaints . . .

Like this March business. It wasn’t good for Julius Caesar and it ain’t good for baseball. And do the Reds have to move to New York, Boston or Los Angeles before they can host the first game of the year again? And since when did it cost more to park your car at a game than to attend one?

All in all, I have to admit it was a pretty good opening weekend if my most  serious complaint is that I haven’t been able to track down Larry King’s first pitch at the Washington Nationals game. You’d have an easier time finding Nationals fans who were at the game than finding the video.

Channeling my best Benjamin Gates, I conducted a mad search of the internet for this ancient relic tossing out the first pitch in Washington. But to no avail. In this age of twenty four seven video coverage where you can find everything from Barack Obama throwing snowballs at his security detail to Snooki reciting all twelve letters of the alphabet, I couldn’t find Larry King’s first pitch at a televised event.

Why can’t I find it?

Is it possible this video might compromise our national security? And if so, has Julian Assange placed his bid for it on eBay yet?


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