Cascade Idaho- Main Street circa 1941

When Eastman Kodak stopped manufacturing Kodachrome in 2009, it was the end of an era. Admittedly, I was indifferent to the moment, giving it all the relevancy you would normally attach to a trivia question. And then a friend of mine sent me this link and I was reminded as to why progress sometimes talks a prettier game than it delivers.

Now, I could tell you I chose this photo because it captures the essensce of post depression America. Or because it feels like the kind of town Dillinger would’ve stormed through on his way to legend. Or maybe because I could see Capote scratching his itch over black coffee and hard luck stories at Dee’s Cafe . . . 

It probably starts with those things and just keeps going from there.


3 thoughts on “Cascade Idaho- Main Street circa 1941

  1. Beautiful shot! Very evocative . . . even to a non-American . .
    I loved Kodachrome especially the 25- but it was not always possible to use it in the murk of the UK -but after holidays in Greece it was such a pleasure to come home and then receive in the post the richly coloured transparencies . . . I’m not anti-digital but I do miss that moment of viewing slides for the first time . . .

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