The Mother Of All Holidays

Mom knows best ALL the time, but today especially. And not just because Woodrow Wilson decided to make it official back in 1914 either. The power of Mom is greater than anything happening in the universe.

Think back to the greatest events and discoveries and inventions and movements. There was a mother orchestrating things, either behind the scenes or from the expensive seats. Oftentimes both.

The Big Bang-  Who do you think cleaned up that cosmic mess? Whose organizational skills demanded that everything has its place and who was it who turned that house into this home? Hmmm? Huh?

Fire- Cave dad’s brilliant idea was to use fire to light torches that would show him the way home after a late night out with the guys. Meanwhile, Mom was busy hiring a contractor to install a fireplace in the cave. This led to the the romantic evening and breaded Woolly Mammoth steaks. Advantage Mom.

The Renaissance- By the 14th century, Mom had had it up to HERE with the male model of progress where pillaging and conquering were considered the best avenues to success in most men’s magazines of the time. The Inquisition was the last straw. Moms everywhere took matters into their own hands and decided that Little Michelangelo was going to get an education, end of discussion.

Plymouth Rock- Legend (mine) has it that one of the Church elders on the Mayflower commanded everyone on board to say a prayer before disembarking. “We shall call this new place Ye Stone From Which Our Lord Has Called To Our Highest Self In The Service Of The Divinity.”

Pilgrim Mother: “Alright, here’s the deal. You completely ignored my advice about steering south and you got us lost on this hump of ice. Now I’m tired and if you want a hot meal tonight we’re going to call it Plymouth Rock.”

The Civil War-Longstreet was among the greatest field generals in history, but when mom tells you to pack an extra pair of comfortable shoes, you listen to the woman. The Confederate Army packed light, which meant they were forced to head into Gettysburg to find a shoe store. The rest is history.

The Light Bulb- Legend has it (again, my legend) that Mrs. Edison was sitting in her sewing circle when she uttered the now famous phrase “A light bulb went off . .”. Thomas realized it was time to put a face to this curious name and well . . .

Moon Landing- Neil Armstrong’s father wanted the boy to follow in his footsteps and score a government job. Mom was having none of it. She didn’t want her little boy promising the moon when he could be landing on it instead.

And finally, here’s a Mother’s Day story I cannot possibly make up. Phyllis Rodriguez and Aicha el-Wafi are two mothers who have forged a most unusual friendship borne out of the World Trade center attacks.

Phyllis lost her son in the trade center attacks to which Aicha’s son was one of the masterminds. Next time you hear someone talk about a mother’s love, it might be a good idea to listen closely.

Here’s the link, and . . .

Happy Mothers Day


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