They don’t write ’em like him any more

What of Elvis Costello in this age of American Idol?

Well, for one thing he probably wouldn’t make it out of the prelims. He’s too sardonic with his verbs. He’s hip without having to make it up, which is anathema to contemporary image makers.

The problem with an undiscovered Elvis Costello in 2011? Agents do not care much for a wise ass. And voters would never understand the math to his back seat lyrics.

Intelligence ain’t a sexy way in this day and age. So thank God Elvis came to us before talent started coming up short to brilliant hair and painfully constructed bios.

True story explanation for this video selection: My son was watching Austin Powers one day when, out of nowhere, Elvis Costello’s voice broke in to the stupidity. I ran in and watched the rest of the scene before forcing him to rewind. And I’ve watched it, I don’t know, a hundred times since. Only this scene. It’s the only one that counts, for me. And just so you know, the dialogue in this vid is foreign, ‘cept for Elvis . . . of course.

As a writer, I dig this idea of traipsing down the boulevard and coming upon a musical throw together with Burt Bacharach and Elvis Costello. And Heather Graham is blinding me with her mad science to boot?

Are you frigging kidding me?

If I ever happened upon such a thing, I would understand myself to either be dead or dreaming. And whatever the verdict, leave me be.


One thought on “They don’t write ’em like him any more

  1. I am summarily rewarded with another of your great posts! Just keep talking Elvis. But really, I saw Elvis during his River in Reverse tour with Allen Toussaint…amazing. And am I the only person who thought The Juliet Letters was brilliant?

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