deep conversations, racy pictures and a summer grill

My lady friend reminded me that Congressman Wiener is a married man, to which I wasn’t even entirely aware of. I knew he’d gotten hitched recently, but I figured it was a publicity shot for that Sex and the City mess of a sequel they were selling last year.

It’s pretty sad when I had to go deep into a Google search to find out the particulars of his wife. All the hot searches were focusing on wiener and his indeterminate apparatus.

But Huma Abedin is anything but back page news. She is a stunner who is currently an aide to Secretary of State Clinton. Ironically, she was working in the Clinton White House during the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Anyway, the conversation turned to whether I ever sent a racy picture to anyone. To which I must be more prudish than I give myself credit for. Because I’ve never so much as entertained such a thing. No photos, no video, nothing.

Enough of that nonsense. It’s cookout time this weekend. Throwing some steaks, burgers and yes . . . hot dogs on the grill and having myself a nice helping of summer. While I think up my top 5 hot dog favorites. Cause it’s on the brain now.

Top 5 Hot Dog Picks:

1- The Street Dog– Grab one of these pups from a NY vendor with some stewed onions and mustard. Don’t ask any questions as to its origins. Enjoy.
2- The Coney– Everyone chats up the Chicago Dog, but for my Midwest money, I’m going with the Coney. Chili, onions, cheese and mustard.
3- Half Smokes– One of the few good ideas coming out of D.C. This dog is actually a spicy sausage. I top mine with mustard and raw onions.
4- Jersey Dog- Big crusty Italian bread filled with a spicy dog, peppers and potato rounds. Then a three hour nap.

And last but not least . . . My Way Dog- The first time I had a dog topped with cole slaw was in Atlanta. I’ve been a fool for it ever since. The cole slaw has to be homemade though, this makes all the difference.

I grill the dogs and the buns. Then I fill the buns with cole slaw, pop on the dog and dress with it some dijon mustard. Couple that with some sweet potato fries and an ice cold cerveza.

THAT’S how you’re s’posed to serve up a wiener, thank you very much.


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