Where have you gone Casanova?

I’m thinking that maybe Representative Wiener was just confused. Twitter is a social networking device where people are supposed to write brief postings, not show them.

And then to make matters worse, Wiener claimed someone hacked into his pants drawer Twitter account and sent a mysterious ‘package’ to an unwitting female via text message.

He changed his story more times than Joliet Jake in The Blues BrothersIf this is how the New York mayoral hopeful responds to a dick joke, he’s not long for the race. New Yorkers want a guy who owns up to being too big for his britches.

Wiener decided not to up the ante on this hacker claim since it IS a federal offense. The last thing he wanted was a bunch of feds snooping around his hard drive. Especially when he’s sending out that hard drive to all his lovely little Twitter playmates.

This is how the man gets his Big Daddy Mac on? By sending jockey shots to females? I guess National Lampoon’s Guide to Picking Up Women was all sold out.

The thing I want to know is, when did ‘Junk Mail’ become De Rigueur? When did sending power point presentations of your master of ceremonies get sexy? How did this short sighted, ill designed formula become the new Shakespeare? Are men really this bereft of ideas? The answer is most definitely.

Ah, Romance in the Age of Anonymous.



2 thoughts on “Where have you gone Casanova?

  1. Shouldn’t he have had enough sense to not live up to his name. Should Weiner have realized not to be indiscriminant with his you know what? Maybe if he needed to get his kicks or break some rules, he should have gotten into a pyramid scheme or something. Or maybe this is part of a scheme for the presidency?

  2. Internet- I agree, with a name like that he should be practicing more discretion than a gay button man for the mob. Personally, I don’t moralize on what a person does behind closed doors. Problem is, Wiener called out certain members of the GOP for being moral hypocrites. Glass houses, yanno?

    Tara- Like I told you, Wiener has done a pretty good job of forgetting his wife all by himself.

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