Soapboxing on the top of the food chain

Several years back I read the book Monster of God by David Quammen. It caught my eye because I am a cat fan- big and small.

The gist of it is that us humans are quite the shortsighted lot. Our century long expedition to go bigger and better has come at great expense to our ecosystem and the creatures that inhabit it. Our tools of progress have a payload which has forged an environmental deficit we are unlikely to make up unless things change drastically, and quickly. A zero sum game isn’t good enough when it comes to the bird and the bees and the flowers and the trees. And we’ve perpetuated much worse than that even.

Wiping out all the maneaters so we can annoint ourselves as the top of the food chain is as shortsighted as believing that nuclear submarines are going to grow crops in the most impoverished places.

So it was nice to see this young leopard put things in perspective when she crashed a safari snapshot party. The photographers didn’t mean any harm, they were just doing their job. But hey, so was the leopard.

It’s her neighborhood, after all.


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