Things that make me go hmmm

Some things in the news that make me go hmmm . . .

Hmmm, Justin Bieber is considered “more mature” by adding tattoos and earrings to his new look? Soooo . . . if he would’ve colored his hair, I’m pretty sure he would have nabbed the Nobel Peace Prize.

Hmmm, Anthony Weiner claims that he dabbled . . . but insists he didn’t exhale.

Hmmm, Jennifer Aniston was dating that guy from the Hangover movies five minutes ago, wasn’t she?

Hmmm, with temps here nudging close to the century mark, I feel like grabbing my winter clothes and heading to where the snow is. In Hawaii.

Hmmm, is Michael Vick’s journey to ‘redemption’ as heartwarming if he would have sucked in his comeback?

Hmmm, whatever happened to Kato Kaelin? And whatever it was, can it continue happening? Please?

Hmmm, so Brigitte Nielsen promises to write a book about her affair with Arnold Schwarzenegger which took place during the Reagan administration. Is it too early to pre-order this classic?

Hmmm, one day a study comes out claiming that coffee can help to prevent cancer, and the next day a study comes out claiming the opposite is true. It would be a lot easier if the medical community would just come out with a color coded alert system the way Homeland Security did so that I know what to expect when I wake up in the morning.


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