The Wonderful Wizard of Ozzie

It’s never gonna happen, but I think it would be a kick if Ozzie Guillen ran for political office some day. If only for the sound bites he would provide to an otherwise staid and ultimately predictable process.

He’s the manager of the Chicago White Sox, but I won’t hold that against him since he happens to be one of the sharpest field generals in the game. And when it comes to having an opinion, this guy has no filter. Unlike most sports personalities, he’s not controversial for controversy’s sake, he just calls them as he sees them.

A few of my favorite Ozzie-isms include calling Wrigley Field “a bar” and coining himself baseball’s Charlie Sheen, “without the drugs or a prostitute.” But this latest rant of his has gone straight to the top of my charts. Ozzie recently lambasted the Oscar winning thespian Sean Penn for Penn’s ongoing love affair with Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez.

Guillen, a native of Venezuela, called for Penn to move to his country for a year before placing Chavez in the World Leaders Hall of Fame. Penn has called out the United States on numerous occasions for slapping sanctions on the Chavez government. Which is an easy thing to do when your home base is Santa Monica and not Caracas.

Penn does a lot of great good work as a humanitarian, but I tend to distance myself from his political opinions. The fact that people are basically good in every corner of the world doesn’t translate to the rule of law they have to live under, nor to the leaders who enforce those laws. My father escaped the clutches of Fidel Castro’s communist regime early on. As a naturalized citizen of this country, he understands first hand the flawed reasoning of social arbiters such as Penn and Michael Moore.

The potential gigs awaiting Ozzie once he decides to ditch his day job are limitless. This guy can do it all, with the possible exception of running for President of Venezuela, that is. It seems that position carries a lifetime term. Does Sean Penn know about this?







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