Father Figures and Other Inanity

– Father’s Day was first observed in 1908. The first unofficial observance occurred in around 2 BC when Mary devoted an entire day to her husband Joseph after he did the math on her conception date.

– More collect calls are made on Father’s Day than any other day of the year. The second most collect calls are made the day after Father’s Day.

– Father’s Day is celebrated everywhere, with the possible exception of Antonio Cromartie’s residence.

– A remake of the classic 1950’s TV show “Father Knows Best” was discussed in 2010 before the idea was trashed. The writers felt the title of the show was too unbelievable to attract viewers. Instead, they moved forward with another project. “Bigfoot Dad” airs this fall on FOX.

– In 1972, Richard Nixon signed Fathers Day into law as a national holiday. Nixon decided to send his staffers to the Watergate hotel over the holiday weekend in order to test the boundaries of his newly passed law. Things didn’t go well.

– Breakfast in bed- $15. Greeting card- $5. Hot new apps- $90. Getting the credit card bill next month? Priceless.


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