Pope Benedictus and the Last Crusade

I wonder if the Pope ever cashes his own paycheck?

Imagine the scene, the Pope walking into First Roman Catholic Savings and Loan with his Holy Bread. He walks up to the teller, asks her to cash it and she asks for ID. So he picks up his Mitre, places it on his head and waves. The teller asks how he would like his cash . . .

Nah, that kinda everyday existence is probably reserved for his personal assistant. The same guy who fetches the Pontiff’s fast food cravings and delivers his wardrobe to the dry cleaners with strict orders for “Heavy starch or eternal damnation”.

A part of me would like to think Pope Benedict gets out out of the house now and then and stretches his Holy legs. I mean, all I ever see him doing in news footage is waving to the pilgrims from his back porch or kissing the ground when he gets off the Holy Private Jet.

I’d like to think his eighty four year old self is working up a decent sweat rather than sitting home on the computer munching on Doritos and swigging a Big Gulp Mountain Dew. All while tweeting to his homies across the globe as to the miracle of life, at least as it pertains to Sims 3.

Yeah, the Pope is tweeting now.When I first heard this, I had to imagine what a Pope tweet might look like . . just to make it real. It went something like this.

Hey all! Chilling in the crib, watching Ben Hur in HD with da fellas. God iz Gooooood!

Silly, isn’t it? Some would say it’s ridiculous even.

But so is this idea that the Pope should own a Twitter account. The Roman Catholic Church tried cozying up to a younger demographic back in the day.

How’d that work out?



3 thoughts on “Pope Benedictus and the Last Crusade

  1. That was weird. Your second comment was awaiting moderation. You’d think you would have carte blanche around this place by now.

    Anyways, thanks for the really cool mention. Again.

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