Baseball is dull only to dull minds- Red Barber

Here’s some of the cool stuff from a half season of baseball . . .

The Pittsburgh Pirates are in first place. How cool is that? The Pirates are holding up the Steel City sports scene! At least until September. I’ll take their reliever Hanrahan over that big tackling dummy James Harrison, every day of the week.

Christian Lopez. He catches Derek Jeter’s 3,000 hit- a collectible estimated to be worth as much as 250 K- and he doesn’t ask for a dime. All he wanted was to hand it to Jeter and shake his hand. I hope the Captain and his team make arrangements for this kid. I think they can afford it.

Jeter’s 3,000th hit. As a Yankees fan, I’d have to be crazy not to have this moment on my list. I’ve watched him from the skinny call up back in ’95 to the Rushmore worthy Yankee he has become. Hitting a home run for 3,000 was classic captain.

The Reyes to Giants rumors. Granted, it probably ain’t happening. But the thought of a hopefully healthy Reyes and the defending world champs facing off against the Phillies in an NLCS rematch? That would be too much fun.

The awesome as advertised Phillies rotation. It pains me to say that Cliff Lee chose the right partner last winter. My Yankees couldn’t buy his love in this instance. And it ended up being a very good thing for the Phillies. And baseball too, for that matter.

– The Cubs? Yep, they still suck. There’s plenty about baseball I’m not so good with. Like the players wearing their pants down to their ankles like pajamas and those Godawful flat brims. (You have to fold the brim to prove ownership!) Not to mention All Star exhibitions that decide home field advantage, completely ignoring a team’s six month long body of work in the process. But the Cubs remain a constant to the ever changing baseball landscape. They still suck.

– The return of the no hitter. I’m not a fan of 11-10 games. Give me a well pitched 2-1 or 3-2 game and I’m a happy boy. And this year has proven to be a boon for that most special of sports things- the no hitter. It’s a random piece of magic that could happen anywhere, anytime. Verlander was easy enough to figure. But Francisco Liriano? Are you kidding me?

The worst thing about the halfway point of a baseball season is that there is only half a season left.


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