Separated at Birth

The difference between men’s and women’s soccer is that the women make a 2-2 tie look good. The difference between Hope Solo and Jennifer Carpenter is not so easily contrasted.

Hope has a cool name and an extraordinarily cool demeanor. Everything else about her is several degrees hotter. She may have lost the World Cup, but she gained a lot of fans in the process.

Her confidence is such an incredibly sexy thing, and her goal keeping skills are not half bad either. And I hope we see more of Hope. Cause we can always do with more Hope . . .

Her separated at birth counterpart is crush worthy in her own right. Jennifer Carpenter is infinitely sexier when she’s being possessive rather than possessed. And she happens to be a sensational actress with plenty of jumps. Figure it this way, she not only forged an identity on a male dominated series such as Dexter, but she became an indispensable character in the process. Acting is easy, good acting is hard, and what Carpenter does is witchcraft with chops. She’s funny, smart and beautiful. And she has a hot sister to boot.


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