For Love or money

Kate Gosselin is out there in the dating pool again and she’s letting the world know all about it? Awesome. I’m thinking this might be the scariest turn of events for single people since Son of Sam was working for the postal service.

So KG makes this BIG announcement that she’s back on the market, after which the Dow Jones promptly drops 634 points. Of course, there’s no correlation between the two events. But it has to mean something, doesn’t it? Everything means something, even ABC prime time.

Maybe it’s portent to the cannonball run that should be taking placing by one half of the online dating universe now that Kate is profiling harder than the Arizona legislature would be comfortable with.

Eh, but here’s the thing. Kate’s not interested in a love thing so much as Kate is interested in the cool side of a TV pillow gig. And she’s feeling less relevant now that she doesn’t have that dopey John guy to kick around anymore. So she’s striking up this e-Disharmonious chord just to grow back her baby mama business.

Make no mistake, John was a schmuck. But that whole somebody done somebody wrong song didn’t happen inside a vacuum, not by a long shot. There were two sides to their dysfunctional coin, and Kate had her share of stuff to own.

I’m in the same circles with Kate. I met her at a barbecue once and I run into her at my favorite grocer all the time. But don’t worry none, this isn’t an attack on a partial reality show star so much as a take on what brings her back to the table of trending.

Cause Gosselin is gossip relevant again, at least for the next five fat meaty minutes of time. Which is enough time for Access Hollywood to put half of the brood through Ivy League.

Kate is lovely. She’s funny, smart as a whip, she’s a business woman with savvy. No doubt about any of it. And that’s just what this whole single filing business is all about. She wants a show, her own damned thing.

She can talk all she wants about the older, wiser, stronger and more patient guy she’s shopping for, but the truth of the matter is that Kate wants a television executive with the cojones to give her a shot at the bully pulpit mid afternoon spot.

And the thing is? I think she’d kick some ass. Because she brings more to the table than she’s given credit for. Love her or loathe her, she tunes people in to her takes on life. She’s easy to look at, she has skeletons, a shitload of haters, she’s hungry, vain and above all else, bankable.

I’d watch her just for the sport of it. And I’d try my damndest not to fall in love.




4 thoughts on “For Love or money

  1. I have never watched any of the shows. I have noticed how good she looks compared to what she looked like at the start of the shows (from magazines etc). She doesn’t look as innocent as she once did.

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