Put the world to rights . . as we surely can

Writing long has never been a problem for me. I can go forever on the spells and witchcraft of five thousand words hard, with plenty of cranky vowels at the ready for caulking up those well meaning consonants.

I am currently at halftime of a Saturday night movie marathon I thought into being thanks to an undulating set of raindrops current and promises of more to come. I’m not feeling as giddy as I wanted to be feeling, thanks to the fact I only had two Heineken fridge mates at the ready for my night long battle with zombie movies.

But that’s okay. The pizza delivery did me well and the laughs are terrific and the nightmares are still miles away from blastoff.

So before my daughter comes in to get me so’s we can watch more dead guys rip ass on humanity in the modern day equivalent of spaghetti bible song, I have to send a shout out to a couple of bloggers who have mattered more to me than I could ever really put into fit words.

RJ and Petal?  This one’s for ya.


3 thoughts on “Put the world to rights . . as we surely can

  1. Grazie, amico mio!

    re The Who
    Some 20 years ago a friend of mine (around 35 then) heard a group of young people in her office discussing a TV commercial they’d seen. It was for American Express cards – and showed Roger Daltrey posing at his latest venture- a salmon farm in Scotland. One of the youngsters asked of my friend: Is he some famous fisherman?’

    Dang-Dang-Dang-Dang Deng-Deng-Deng-Deng
    “hope i die before ….etc.etc

  2. Thanks so much for the tribute, especially with The Who! (Love it.) Honestly, Cayman–you are my Oscar Wilde of the West! You deserve much more readership than you have because you are quite clever. While having mass quantities of subscribers may not be the purpose of your blog, I aim to let people know. (wink, smile)

    And Zombie movies? My nephew, who is in his last year as a surgical resident, is enamored, more than I can say, of the genre! Pasa buen dia, Cayman!

  3. RJ, right back at you. And as far as that Amex spot, that’s why I don’t pay attention to commercials. Ugh!

    Petal, once again you’ve hit on it. Yes, I am lurching out into this blogosphere slowly and with much caution. I was a blogger a few years ago. The end result of which left me in a tailspin. I freelance stuff and I’m currently finishing up a book, but I never imagined I would go back to blogging, ever. All I can say is that I am damned thankful I did. And that’s what this post was about.

    You’re good people.

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