My top ten, at least for the moment

You would think with a blog named “Drinks Well . .” that I would have posted a love letter to beer a long time ago.

The selections on this list are subject to change with the possible exception of a few of my all timers. Guinness for instance. Forget the cunning of its meal in a bottle formula. Or that a draw from the tap calls for the kind of patience only a nun could relate to. Love comes with the recognition that you are drinking something that means it, from the very first sip to the last.

Using an Irish harp as its symbol makes it cooler than most right from the get. But if that was all there was to it, all those light beer lightweights would be littering this list of mine. Nope, a great beer doesn’t bother itself with vortex bottles and name tags and temperature sensitive labels for the simple reason that none of those things has a damned thing to do with how a beer tastes. Those suds need the smoke and mirrors, my list doesn’t.

10- Yuengling Bock
9- Magic Hat #9
8- Sierra Nevada
7- Sapporo
6- Brooklyn Lager
5- Dogfish Head 90 Min Indian Pale Ale
4- Heineken
3- Sam Adams Boston Lager
2- Guinness
1- Presidente


6 thoughts on “My top ten, at least for the moment

  1. I’m a little concerned that there is not a single beer from Great Britain, or mainland Europe. (Heineken… yes but get serious) So though I don’t disagree with your list having never tasted most of these- I feel a sojorn across the Atlantic might broaden your taste buds and without doubt your waistline . . .

    I was in Maastricht recently- the waiter asked me (in perfect English….) what I’d like: unexpectedly(!) I said “I’d like a beer” He said, whilst handing me an 8 page beer menu, “Could you be a little more precise?”

    OR the original Budvar

    OR there’s Bratislava…..where it was illegal to export the yeast-probably still is

    OR some of the great British beers,Hartleys, Badger, Adnams, Old Peculiar, Robinsons, Thruxtons Old Dirigible (sorry that one’s not real)

    For God’s sake, the UK has CAMRA Campaign for Real Ale

    so you’re not wrong . . but you have so much to look forward to!!
    Anyway I’m thirsty now…..

  2. “so you’re not wrong . . .”

    RJ, we are simpatico to the core, because i laughed my ass off at this comment and that thought in particular.

    When I visited London in the mid 90’s, I fell in love with Boddingtons. It was through this love that I learned the currency, but quick.

    As I said, this list is what I’m going with at present. Nothing fancy, just a spring and summer’s worth of fridge mates I had to thank.

  3. RJ- Boddies was one my many happy places when I visited London. With a Cuban cigar, it was bliss.

    Sara- I figured I would give it a shot. Never again, though!

    Petal- I tried Heineken Light when it debuted, ugh! What a disaster. I can drink beer at room temp, but on a warm summer day, there is nothing like an ice cold one.

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