Hope always finds its way

You cannot steal hope.

The action does not extinguish the very idea, it births it. Attempting to steal a person’s hope is an ignorant pursuit which actually serves as an education. By trying with all your might to throw hope to a dark pit, you shine a light which leads us to it.

The purpose of your hopeless fight is to generate a disease, but your fate is always sealed to a ready made antidote . Because for every fever you help rage into a single flame, that same fever works differently on countless others. Hope will never become a torch, but it will always provide one.

No matter your method of madness or your recipe for disaster- all the tired language- you are really nothing more than a failed eye exam. Blind to the inherent beauty of waking up to a brand new day with the chance to make this one better than the last.

You see, hope is most certainly a commodity- its testimonial wrought hard and long and often by the greatest scientists of literature from then to now and to forever. This commodity was and is and will be bought and sold at the hands of poets and playwrights whose profit comes in a newborn’s cry, a friendly smile, a brilliant sunrise, a lovers kiss. The sellers of hope never go away, because there will always be more buyers of the thing. Trying to steal a thing such as hope is like trying to gather up the oceans with your hands without spilling a drop.

And you will try, again. Every day and some day. But you’re always going to be up against an army of buyers, and they spend wisely by spending so foolishly. And they never, ever stop.

You can’t steal a thing like that.


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