Watching the ships roll in

YouTube searches demand the dedication of a cherry picker. You must be diligent and assertive when looking to import the very best of the best ones offered up.

I fetched this selection of that Sarah Bereilles take on “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay” cause I had to make certain you listen to the riff and not the live rendition. It happened to mean all the difference to me since my limited attention span has a really hard time with the maddening crowd effect a live version delivers.

Now, this one is supposed to come off as completely off the cuff, no orchestration delivered in the making. And I’m buying it as such out of the naivete I take with me into an iced over movie theater where the fiction grabs you and takes you for a ride to somewhere other than the place you came in on.

Always err on the side of being a kid.


6 thoughts on “Watching the ships roll in

  1. Hey J Dynamite. Those pipes she owned helped my drift into sleep many a night, and my first smoke with a cup of joe the next morning. The girl left a lifetime’s work on a cutting room floor when she passed. Wow is the best way to describe her rare talent.

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