In Reality, They Should Try This Show On For Size

What do terms such as student athlete, instant replay and reality television have in common? They’re all misnomers we’ve come to accept as gospel despite a mountain of evidence to suggest otherwise.

Reality television is unscripted programming, which makes it really popular with TV execs, who don’t have to shell out for writers and fat paycheck stars. But once the first camera makes the scene, the production ceases to be reality and morphs into a glut of wanna be C-listers, crocodile tears and manufactured angst.

They cancelled The Eight Ball of Kate, one of the better examples of the unreality genre.  Sorry, but in the real world, juggling maternal responsibilities usually doesn’t include a network entitlement program loaded up with free minivans, a lifetime supply of diapers and kids clothing, food, schooling, daily makeovers and live in nannies. And Survivor may be one of the longest running weight loss programs, but it has about as much to do with reality as Liza Minelli’s next husband.

But there is a good reality show idea in this Aton Edwards and his new age take on Where’s Waldo? Edwards is a security expert who shows us how to extricate ourselves from the grid in Track Me If You Can. While there are holes in the quick fix hour, I think it would be fascinating to stretch this show into a season long odyssey. Take a guy like Edwards and cut him loose with a team of retired security experts assigned to hunt him down.

Orwell’s vision of Big Brother deserves a better fate than the suits at CBS gave it when they threw a bunch of putzes together in the most unfortunate public make out session since Madonna kissed, well, anyone.

It probably makes too much sense to ever see the light of day.


4 thoughts on “In Reality, They Should Try This Show On For Size

  1. I’ve come to accept the rare is common because of reality tv. Y’know everybody packs their houses full of treasures like empty detergent containers, has a strange addiction such as chewing on dryer sheets, or has unrequited love relationships with objects, eg – a brick wall.

    After reading your post, I’m nominating you as the new reality tv exec.

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