Disaster on the I-95 Corridor, The Fallacy of Bartman and Elvis in the Bullpen

Well, THAT was unfortunate.

One minute I was believing in a 2009 World Series rematch between the Yankees and Phillies and the next? I’m thinking about pitchers and catchers.

I guess now that the Yanks and Phils have both been ousted, I’ll have to put together a Bombers blueprint for ’12 at some point. But that will have to wait until Jose Valverde stops crashing my dreams.

Until then, a random thought on Bartman.

You know who hates Bartman MORE than Cubs fans? Yankee fans. Because the truth of all things baseball is that the Cubs never win and the Yankees never lose. To the Cubs, at least.

Hey, why should we be different from anyone else?

I say this cause I see where the four letter network has put its own spin on this whole Bartman drama thing. All I know is that Moises Alou behaved like Kate Gosselin after producers decided Eight was enough, which is what has led to this idea that a World Series was stolen from the Cubs.

Yeah, how strange . . a fan grabbing for a baseball as if it were the Rosetta Stone. Like, that NEVER happened before. Only in Chicago, where they blame the whole world for the vicious rumor of global warming, could a story like this happen.

The only thing Chicago lost when Bartman stuck his paws out there for a flyball that was in HIS personal space was the chance to lose to the New York Yankees in the World Series. And make no mistake, the Cubs would have lost soundly. It would have been over faster than that slap and tickle engagement our boys had in Grenada back in ’83.

Instead, we had to play the Marlins. And Hemingway knows how that crap went down. And you know why it went so badly? Well, for one thing the Marlins had Beckett. And for another? He doesn’t pitch for the f&*$ing Chicago Cubs!

Can you tell it’s ten days into this non-smoking bullshit? At all?


5 thoughts on “Disaster on the I-95 Corridor, The Fallacy of Bartman and Elvis in the Bullpen

  1. JD- I can’t complain. It was a good season.

    M- Welcome new visitor. I have to admit, I borrow from the old Eric Burdon line when posting most anything on here. My intentions are good, but the good Lord knows how much I enjoy being ‘misunderstood’….

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