Road Map To Pieces

I know, I know . . . I’m goofy with Gadaffi, or is that kooky with Kadaffi?

Unofficially (of course) there were 72 variations of his name. In Vegas, that’s called a good week. In the Middle East, not so much. As if the last chapter of his life wasn’t ugly enough, right about now there are 72 virgins in Club Hereafter who are busy throwing drinks in his face and putting it on YouTube.

The moral of the story: Don’t expect a mulligan when the people you’ve been holding the boot to for more than four decades catch up with you. You’ve given up any right to act surprised when you’re beaten sillier than a pinata in a room full of fasting diabetics.

It’s been a bad year for bad asses, hasn’t it? First Osama, then Como Se Llama. I’m thinking Mark Zuckerberg might want to stay away from open windows and the Winklevoss twins for the next couple  months.

The Yankees made a deep October run after all, because as it turns out, (GK)addafi’s assassin was a Bombers fan! At least according to the front page of the New York Post. Admittedly, their headlines are about as subtle as OJ Simpson in the role of Cyrano de Bergerac. But the story makes sense. He’s obviously wearing a knock off cap so it stands to reason that he’s saving his dough for the outrageous Stadium prices. He should be invited to throw out the first pitch next year. Or be our Number 3.

There are a couple of amusing videos floating around out there in the wake of the former Libyan Poobah’s timely demise. No, not those videos. I’m not into that whole Faces of Death scene. Watching Gary Busey on Celebrity Rehab is about as morbid as my curiosity gets.

This first vid is Secretary of State Clinton’s reaction to the reports. When I first watched this one, I thought maybe Anthony Weiner was back on Facebook.

This next video clip is from a little known ’80s sitcom by the name of Second Chance in which the death year for Muammar is correctly predicted. The star of that show was Matthew Perry, who ended up getting by with a little help from his Friends. Can’t say the same for Muammar.


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