Win with the Cubs? Yeah, and solve the debt crisis with a bake sale . . .

Wow, was it only seven years ago that Theo Epstein held more clout than the Kennedy’s up in New England?

Funny how a couple world championships can make people forget eighty six years of anguish. The new normal is a lot less quaint than all that fabricated boogeyman crap they were passing down from generation to generation once upon a time. It  took a guy like Theo to show that those cold winters had nothing to do with a curse and everything to do with bad management.

2004 was a dream of a lifetime season but after they won it again in 2007, the mandate was changed forever. Back in the day, Sox fans could feel good about a division title, a pennant run, a season series win over the Yankees. Hell, my Red Sox pal says he used to consider it a good season so long as the Yankees didn’t end up winning the world series.

Nowadays, they live by the same code as their arch nemesis: There’s winning and there’s misery. Theo Epstein made it so, and its why it was time for him to go. I just can’t believe he chose the Cubs, who are MLB’s version of  the Washington Generals.

This move is entirely about ego. He brought a world title to Beantown for the first time since Babe Ruth could still touch his toes, and the Cubs are the biggest and fattest cherry encore out there for him. But it won’t be duplicated in Chicago. Can’t be.

For one thing, he’s already regarded as some kind of living, breathing talisman who is not only expected to win, but to win it all. That’s already a marked difference being that 2004 was an event no one in Beantown saw coming.

At least he’s familiar with the new terrain cause he gave himself a ten year window in Chitown, which is akin to a season and change in towns where important games are played. He has time, money, Nick’s Fishmarket and winters somewhere else so he’ll be fine.

Baseball’s a funny game. I mean, who would have predicted the end for Theo and Francona in Boston would look a hell of a lot like that elevator scene out of The Departed? Or that all it would take to make it happen was some beer and fried chicken?


2 thoughts on “Win with the Cubs? Yeah, and solve the debt crisis with a bake sale . . .

  1. Don’t follow baseball, but Francona brings me back to the good old days of Montreal in their heyday. Before that it was Rusty Staub at Jarry Park as a boy. Caught them playing the mets at Shea one year, Les Expos were clobbered if I remember correctly. Then on to Philly for the Eagles-49’ers. Weekend all hazy due to alcohol intake.

  2. That’s right, I forget Francona was drafted by them. And Le Grande Orange was one of many notables who donned an Expos uniform. Think about all the great players they had once . . . Pedro Martinez, Randy Johnson, Larry Walker, Tim Raines, to name a few. There is a generation of fans who have no idea that Pete Rose was an Expo once. Or that the Expos were arguably the best team in baseball in ’94, only to have the players strike wipe out the last month of the season and the World Series. Wow, how different things might have been if the Expos had won the series that year.

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