It’s tomorrow night, Joe Buck. Whattaya got?

I guess the World Series can survive without the likes of the Yankees, Phillies and Red Sox after all, huh?

This is beautiful stuff going on in the World Series. I mean, what started as an error filled end to the baseball season and the first World Series title in Texas history turned into tonight. It’s pretty cool how the Cardinals are dressing up as Michael Myers at Halloween time. They’re just not gonna die.

And the great thing is, the Rangers can pull off that very same great escape job tonight. They’re a tenacious bunch of characters I’d appreciate a hell of a lot more if they didn’t play in the same league with my Yankees.

Missed last night’s classic on account of my cable-less existence, but I’m venturing out tonight to catch Game 7. It’s been nine years since we had a winner take all World Series match-up and in spite of the fact it cannot possibly top last night’s performance, I have to check it out.

For those who are a part of the 21st century, answer me this. When are the Lords of Baseball going to get it through their thick skulls that the East Coast could do with a more reasonable starting time come October? As it is, these prime timers have spawned a generation of fans who catch the highlights the next morning because they hit the sack in the sixth inning.

Bud Selig would do well to actually gift his fans that much. Let the East Coast in on the secret menu of magnificent endings already!

I’m figuring my depression will set in around 12:30, once the last pitch has been thrown and the hot stove gets going and pitchers and catchers is miles away from reality.

Then again, it’s been a crazy set of games to now so maybe . . . just maybe . . this Game 7 will last until February. Maybe it will go until it’s time to begin all over again. Hamilton will crush one and Pujols will match it. And then Napoli begets Freese and Beltre calls on Berkman and then the pitchers rain their suspense for days and through weeks and into months.

Oh baseball, why do you always leave me just when I need you the most?


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