You Should’ve Said It Was So, Joe

Hey, this idea of Penn State Pride was easy to get drunk on when they were winning big games across an expanse of years unrivaled. Think about the fact Paterno has meant something from the time of the moon landing until now. Mighty impressive stuff, no doubt.

But he covered on Sandusky. Big time. With a chance to do the right thing- the only thing- he covered instead. He played the chain of command game when the only option was to call the police. He pretended the athletic director held more sway than he does. As if anyone who knows ANYTHING about the Penn State program truly believes that.

Joe Paterno knows how many parking spaces there are on his campus. He’s in the loop on everything. Everything. And he knew this. He did. He knew what was going on, and he has known what was going on. Yes, even back to a time before senility became a criminal defense.

And now we’re expected to believe it was coincidence that Jerry Sanduski resigned in ’99, less than a year after the first eyewitness account happened. We’re supposed to believe that.

Scores of eyewitness accounts have followed since the first time Sandusky was found to be a sexual deviate, including the one where that graduate assistant told Paterno that he saw Sandusky raping a boy in the showers of the locker room.

I have two questions about that. My first would be, why the hell didn’t the grad assistant body block that sick bastard into the next day and immediately call the police himself? And the next question, more ominous even.

Why did JoePa play like this was some prospect getting cash in a parking lot?

You want to send a message to the rest of the big time college football programs in this country? That’s easy enough. Tell Paterno he’s done. No resignation necessary, he’s fired. And then shut down the football program. Give them the death penalty.

Oh, is that too much?

Hmm, Southern Methodist University was handed the death penalty after it was discovered that they paid players. Well, Penn State officials covered up numerous counts of child rape for at least thirteen years and they STILL allowed the evil scumbag the keys to the campus up until last week.

My God. Where does money stop mattering? And when? Please tell me there’s a point. Better yet, prove it.


4 thoughts on “You Should’ve Said It Was So, Joe

  1. As you know, I’m not a sports fan – but neither am I anti-sport.

    But what I am anti is the clearly contradictory messages:

    ‘Sport provides good role models for young people’- since when (step forward OJ and any number of others.) This particular case is one of the worst I have ever heard come across (short of The Catho . . . . no, I won’t go there ) it’s a classic case of money being considered more important than morality, which is all too often the case.

    But this is based on the that sport is important to everybody. International/national level sport is simply big business
    The Olympic Games? There is I believe no instance of a country benefiting from hosting the Olympics… it’s a classic case of spending national funds (taxpayers money) for two weeks of sport whilst behind the scenes people are making money hand over fist.
    Why is that the football coach is often better paid than the top professors in American Colleges?
    Why is the ability to row likely to be of a great help to get into Oxbridge as an undergraduate even if you can’t even spell- ‘Empacher Slot’ ?!

    I’ll support my local 5 a side team but then I know the lads playing, the trouble is they’re all hoping to play for Juventus…. it’s all beyond me….. hand me a beer, CT

  2. Petal- The house is already clean of the AD, the Head Coach and the University President. And the next step, I believe, will result in heavy sanctions on the football program. Money DID matter more than doing the right thing, the only thing. What a horrible story all the way around.

    RJ- I do not see why sanctions would not be leveled against the Penn State program. Sanctions which would shutter the program. Inconceivable? Well, to my way of thinking, it’s inconceivable that these educators who had devoted their lives to young people, could conspire against them to such a heinous degree.

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