Gods and Monsters

The fact that they fired Joe Paterno tonight speaks volumes about what is yet to come. School administrators (the ones who are left) know this horrible episode is about to go from bad to worse. For one thing, the Department of Education is launching an investigation into the scandal. And here we go.

So here’s some news for you navy blue and whites. You’re playing the Catholic Church to a dead heat. Ease up on the opinion that your Pontiff did the right thing. There are many opinions, but the fact of the matter is always going to be that Paterno and his power circle had to call in the authorities with the very first eyewitness account.

That did not happen.

Paterno wants us to pray for the kids. He still thinks he can dictate things on the other side of this horrible story. As if this child sex scandal is just another big football game. As if those 409 wins transfer from a field of play to the courts and grand jury accounts and countless lives changed forever. Wow, that’s one hell of a bubble.

And speaking of that bubble, here’s a video that should infuriate any reasonable thinking person. A pep rally on the lawn of one of the men at the center of this disgusting scandal? Are you kidding me? How dare those chants matter more than the children whose lives will never, ever be the same.

For shame.


3 thoughts on “Gods and Monsters

  1. It was all about the money and winning. He turned a blind eye to the horrific ordeal. I can’t even comprehend how all those people can defend Joe Pa. Shame doesn’t even begin to describe this behavior.

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