Wouldn’t it be cool if . . .

I was writing this post the other day when I decided to store it in my draft folder in order to give my two cents on the Penn State scandal. So here it is, with a few additions and some modifications.

Wouldn’t it be cool if?

-The Occupy Wall Street crowd had occupied Wall Street before Wall Street became Wall Street?

-McRib sandwiches were good for you?

-Billy Crystal took a crack at hosting one more Oscars show? (Note: When I wrote this, Eddie Murphy had not yet bowed out and Billy Crystal had not yet stepped in.)

Anthony Bourdain was stranded on that island out of the Castaway flick? And he brought Bethany Frankel with him?

Instant replay was instant?

MLB stopped worrying about beer in the clubhouse and started doing something about the liquid courage bullies in the stands?

We stopped peddling democracy to parts of the world that ain’t interested and just worked on doing it here?

People didn’t take Ashton Kutcher seriously? Ever?

Rick Perry recalled the third agency right in the middle of his going away speech?

Javier Bardem performed the coin toss at the Super Bowl?


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