The People vs The Kardashians?

There’s actually a grass roots movement to pull Kim Kardashian from the tube, like forever. Which basically means for the rest of the season, I’m guessing. They’ve got a petition going, which makes it official. Tell you what I’d like to petition- grass roots movements. They’ve become the new singles bars.

The fool proof dating slump buster? Start a grass roots movement. You can meet new people, you’re doing everything on the cheap. And I don’t think you have to use your legal name. It’s like Vegas- Home Version.

Problem is, they’re actually serious about this Kim Kardashian petition. When asked Why 2K? the organizer responded:

“We feel that these shows are mostly staged and place an emphasis on vanity, greed, promiscuity, vulgarity and over-the-top conspicuous consumption.

Wait a minute, are they talking about Meet the Kardashians or American Idol? Or most anything else you can dial up on television? That’s why I canceled my cable subscription. Because by the time I would sit down at night to partake of the gratuitous sex and violence, I was too tired to enjoy it!

Insanity, meet inanity. Cause on top of that petition, there is another petition going around to get Kim Kardashian’s role in a Tyler Perry film pulled. I have an unofficial petition against Tyler Perry flicks, so I’m just going to have to read about the results of this in Variety.

Seriously, I don’t think get the urgency to blacklist Kim Kardashian from any acting gigs. Her ability, or lack thereof, is more powerful than any petition you can find.

Duly inspired, I am going to start up a petition against petitions. I’m not sure what locale I will occupy in order to further this movement. Rest assured, it will be a place with running water, friendly beverages and high def televisions wrapping every square inch of the perimeter. Hopefully, one of them will be tuned in to Meet the Kardashians.


4 thoughts on “The People vs The Kardashians?

  1. I would sign HAT petition. I just don’t understand how she became so popular besides the fact that she is a walking ego and has Marilyn Monroe’s body and her dad was on the CHEERIOS box back in the day.

    OUT with her I say!


  2. Joanna- I don’t get all the hate on Kim K. She works her ass off (some pun intended) unlike most of the diva crowd such as Paris and Lindsey. I am gonna have to agree to disagree with you on this one, because I like Kim. Not enough to marry her, mind you. I can’t spare the two weeks time, honestly.

  3. Thank you kindly Joanna.
    I KNOW I could hold out for two weeks with Kim. We’d have the honeymoon period (drinks and dinner), followed by the trial separation (the bill). I would sleep on the couch for the next thirteen and a half days. Which isn’t nearly as bad as it sounds since her couch has its own zip code. After she kicked me out for good, I would commence with a Twitter campaign in order to squash all the vicious rumors of my affair with Kim K’s refrigerator and wet bar. Then I’d write a tell all book which would go straight to Amazon. I’d buy every single copy, which would run me twelve dollars and seventeen cents. I’d move in with Kris Humphries and Ashton Kutcher but this wouldn’t last long because the three of us would constantly be arguing as to which of us is the ‘half’.
    Okay, I guess you’re right. It would never work.

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