Jesus on Strike and Trout Run’s Refi Fail

Oh well, I knew the Tebow magic wasn’t going to last forever. But in all fairness, those 41 pancakes New England put up on the vaunted Broncos D had something to do with the outcome yesterday. Just as with the season, there is a reason for every result . . .

Fear not, Tebowites. God is most certainly not dead, but Kim Jong Il . . . is. They were referring to it as a national day of mourning in North Korea yesterday. In America, we just called it Monday.

We have our own problems here at home, so forgive us if we can’t summon up tears for the most despised man on the planet. Outside of Newt Gingrich, I mean.

Things are so bad . . . how bad are they? . . . things are so bad that the Trout Run Presidential compound in Maryland is on the market. Dubbed “The Second Camp David” (most likely by the agent trying to unload this shack), the place is listing at $9 million. The government plans on using the funds to pay for gift wrapping all the staffers presents this Christmas.

Kobe Bryant’s soon to be former wife Vanessa is reportedly interested in purchasing it so’s she has a place to stash all the cash she’s about to receive in her divorce proceedings.

How Uncle Sam ponies up on all his other bills, I’m not sure. Maybe he’s doubling as the booking agent for all these GOP debates.

Hey, don’t look at me. I voted for Hilary.




3 thoughts on “Jesus on Strike and Trout Run’s Refi Fail

  1. Petal- You’re my hero right back. I love the difference you make in children’s lives. In awe of it, matter of fact. And just so you know, I did endorse Hilary in my previous blog, which happened to have been a semi-political one. I love Hil.

    Sara- I just love ya girl. Gertrude’s problem and all.

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