Cayman Thorn’s Christmas Thank You

Spent the day with the sisters. They are hard at work on a relationship lost and found again- a relationship worth its weight- to them and to us. I’m hoping the girls make it, because they are my dynamic duo. In a world bereft of people to look up to, I have mine for good.

The holidays achieve many great things. Today’s accomplishment came in the form of tossing back tequila love mixes at two in the afternoon. And laughing with the family that matters most in the world. Lest I fool you into believing otherwise, I don’t go maniac on my mixology. I’m quite responsible with it, truth be told. Outside of weekends and mixers, I’m pretty humdrum. My strongest solution being green tea and a quick fix read when the alarm is set for earlier than I’m comfortable with.

It was nice to have nowhere to go and nothing to do for an afternoon. Tossing back- albeit, still responsibly- with the idea that the world was in that here and now place that gives the very to the merry. It was fat with “Remember that time?” conversations that stretch and prosper. A big and fantastic meal. And a football game squeezed in with the sound down.

To be anchored to a place such as that. It’s the gift.

I’m gonna go wrap up Christmas presents, plugged in to my standards for the night- from Miracle on 34th St and finishing with A Christmas Carol. I’ll light up the tree and throw the cat some fun loving ‘nip.

This post is a thank you to all the readers at this virtual bar. I’ll have a more advanced thank you list waiting for you next week. For now, I’m hanging my favorite Christmas song under this blog-post tree.

You rock. And Merry Christmas.


4 thoughts on “Cayman Thorn’s Christmas Thank You

  1. Always love the way you spin your pieces, but when you get down home and slow you simply and truly blow me away. Heartfelt and warmly wonderful.
    Merry Christmas.

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