A New Years list of thank you

What? It’s time already?

Wow. 2011 seemed to get lost quicker than an IRA entrusted to the tender loving care of Bernie Madoff. Anyways, here are a few of the things I’m thankful for. I know, that’s Thanksgiving, but I don’t think I posted one of these back then . . .

I’m thankful that the NBA is back. I’ve been a fan ever since I saw Magic Johnson at the Garden. I’m thankful for baseball and its unscripted magnificence. All’s I know is if I would’ve written Game 6 of last year’s World Series as fiction, I would’ve been laughed out of any office with a fat nameplate.

I’m thankful for shooting stars . . and delicious kisses . . and a Martini done up just the way I like it . . and Altoids . . and a perfect cup of coffee . . and naps with the cat . . and a book that’s almost finished . . and comfortable shoes . . and road trips with the kids to anywhere . . and sitting down to an episode of Mad Men . . and good walks . . and movie dates . . and a fantastic meal with family . . and the laughing that can’t help itself . . and love.

On the blog front . . .

I’m thankful to Break it Down Pete for, well, breaking it down in the most real of ways . .  I’m thankful to Carmen’s Atlanta for gifting her readers with the eyes of a young woman ready to take on the world . . I’m thankful to be on the band wagon with I’m on the Bandwagon . . I’m thankful for the amazing captures over at Internal Solitude of the Restless Mind . . I’m thankful for the reminders of just how colorful this world is that are there for the getting at Khamillion . . I’m thankful for the peaceful blanket of words I wrap myself in over at Kvennarad . . I’m thankful for the thought provoking walks in the woods I take at Omphalos Cafe . . I’m thankful for Sara no H and her fantastic family circle of thoughts . . I’m thankful for Simone Benedict, and I hope she comes back soon . . I’m thankful for Movie Blog 8 and his well beyond his years take on cinema . .

And then there’s Rowland Jones and his mercurial moleskin. I’m thankful for your posts and your sketches and your music. And as for Petal Pusher, I’m thankful for your stories and I’m thankful for your magical eye and the brilliant captures it produces.

I’m thankful that I get to read your takes on the world. I’m even more thankful I get to call you my friend.


9 thoughts on “A New Years list of thank you

  1. What a better way to start a new year than to find anew blog. I was ‘sent’ here from The Petal Pusher who is fab ( as you know!) I’d love to subscribe but I’m hopeless at readers & feeds. Keep forgetting to look! Any chance of an email subscription. Bit cheeky I know but if we don’t ask…..!!

  2. Me again! Found the way to subscribe! Must also apologise for commenting as ‘Mrs Skinner’. I have a couple of blogs, one that links with children & schools & sometimes I forget to check which persona I am!!

  3. Ahhhh Caymen! Very wonderful way to mention your fav’s and I feel very honored to be included!!! I look forward to checking out the other writers you mentioned. Salute’- Joanna

  4. PS: totally agree about the necessity of laughter and fun hugs with family and the ‘what in the h#*%’ of game 6.
    PSS: I KNOW how to spell your name correctly, I just didn’t. (Cayman) See? …told ‘ya!

  5. Ok i’m thankful for this Bromance because i do not have many sports fan over at my place. Now i am smiling like a school girl knowing that you are an NBA fan. Let me find out that you are a Knicks fan. Because i live for the Knicks. Since the early 70’s. I am on the ledge and if you tell me you are a Boston fan i am jumping!

  6. Mercurial Moleskine . .what wonderful alliteration!

    I’m glad to have encountered you in cyberspace….. I was in Florence a few days ago and there was an arrow chalked on the road with CT written alongside. . .

    an omen… who knows, anyway Happy New year my friend

  7. Mrs Skinner- Welcome in! Petal IS fab and then some. I’m glad you figured out your technical question because truth be told, I’m not much help in that respect. My NY resolution for 2012 will be to become more technologically proficient. Actually, my resolution should be to understand what technologically proficient even means. And its good to know I’m not the only one who battles with personas!

    Joanna- You’re a much appreciated burst of color, and the style . . oh what style. As far as Game 6, outside of Chicago and Texas, how can a baseball fan NOT have loved that? The name? Well since it’s a pseudonym I was going to let you off with a warning until you came back and corrected yourself. Hope you had a great NYE.

    Break It Down- Well, I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is I share your dislike for the Celtics. The bad news is that’s because I follow the Lakers. But I do like the moves the Knicks have made over the past year. With Chandler, they’ve got tremendous size. Now they just need to keep Amare healthy and get someone to dish it and they can do some damage this season. And for what its worth, there is no better basketball venue in the world than Madison Square Garden. Happy ’12 my man.

    RJ- That CT you came upon was left there by a member of my underground movement. Just kidding. At least I hope I’m just kidding. Nonetheless, I’m glad I found you too. And Happy New Year!

  8. Hey, thanks for what you have going here, Cayman. You’re one of the first voices I came upon, some six odd months ago, in this blogging world that was humorous, insightful, wistful, and most importantly, all your very jazz-like own. Still get a kick out of it, and still proud to push it at the Cafe.
    Thanks again and keep wailing into the New Year and beyond.

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