Things that made me go ‘hmm’ last week (This week’s edition)

Jon Huntsman and his 15 minutes of lame- Inside this primary season, Huntsman has found himself chasing “Other” as the headlines chase Mitt and The Langoliers. You’re more likely to find a sale on fresh melons plastering the front pages than word on what Jon Huntsman is up to these days. But for a moment in time, when he was painted as the “Manchurian Candidate” in an attack video supposedly put out by Ron Paul’s people.  As it turns out the video must have been conceived immaculately since neither Paul, Huntsman or Frank Sinatra are fessing up to having made it.

Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be defensive players in the NFL- Why do teams bother spending money on the defensive side of the ball when their players aren’t allowed to do their jobs? During the wildcard game on Saturday, a Bengals defensive back was flagged for hitting a Texans player who had just made a reception. The defensive back was penalized because (get ready for this) he didn’t allow the receiver ‘to become a runner’ before hitting him. Umm, I thought that was the point of playing defense? . . .

A Penn State of mind- LaVar Arrington and Brandon Short want nothing to do with their former school because they hired an outside guy to coach their football team. I wonder if these guys have read the papers over the last couple of months.

Much debate about nothing- Really, the GOP is expending more time and energy trying to figure out who’s going to lose than the New York Mets bullpen coach.

2nd amendment challenges best not start at her doorstep- You know the story about the 18 year old Oklahoma mother, Sarah McKinley, who shot and killed an intruder. There’s been enough chatter on the part of the gun control side for me to wonder why they’d pick this girl to hang their argument on. Listen, she was within her rights to protect herself and her baby, and she did this. She’s the Anti Casey Anthony in my book. Leave her out of the gun debate.

Hurricane Elin hits Florida- Did you see the wreck job Elin Nordgren laid on her 12 mil mansion? I haven’t seen such a wasteful display since Godfather 3.

Jesus! What a game!- Just when I thought Jesus was napping, Tim Tebow comes up with the best game of his young NFL life in beating the Steelers. I probably shouldn’t be joking about this any longer after checking out his final numbers from yesterday’s game.

10-21, 316 yards . . . or Mark 10:21 and John 3:16.



8 thoughts on “Things that made me go ‘hmm’ last week (This week’s edition)

  1. Cayman, haven’t you heard? The NFL “authorities that be” have decided to get in touch with their softer, kinder side. Now, let’s see how the SEC showdown goes down tonight? In any case…the masses will be drunk and dancing…partiers from LSU in the Nola hood,…dangerous! Roll Tide-

  2. Joanna- I’m waiting to see if Von Miller of the Broncos draws a flag for roughing the passer next weekend when he shakes Tom Brady’s hand too hard during the coin toss . . .

    As for the Game of the Century 2? I’m gonna predict a score for tonight’s game. ‘Bama wins it 3-2 with a field goal in the bottom of the fourth quarter. Yeah, I have my sports all screwy, but that score might just happen. As a Dolphins fan, I shouldn’t like Nick Saban as much as I do. I really think he made the right choice in going back to college and I hope he nabs his second title tonight. Now, if he ditches ‘Bama to go coach up the Jets? I’m taking out a contract on him. But short of that, he’s cool in my book.

    • Well,…your call was a little off Cayman. B O R I N G game but hey! who can complain with the state of Alabama hoarding 3 National Championship titles in a row? Good thing we have good football…it’s the only positive press this state EVER gets. :0)

      PS: Saban will retire here…he’s going for the Bear nostalgia. heehee

  3. Joanna- I DID have the Tide winning now, didn’t I? It’s nuts to go against Saban when he has a month to prepare. Umm, is Saban gonna retire as in a Bear Bryant retirement? . . . or is it more like Urban Meyer?

  4. No idea ’bout the football, but the uncanny resemblance between Tebow’s numbers and the writings of John and Mark has me holed up in my backyard bomb shelter.

    Post a blog when safe for me to come out.

  5. Jeff- I was actually counting on YOU to post one when it was safe to come out. Dammit!

    Sara- This is one mama who does right by her baby. It’s why I coined her the Anti Casey Anthony.

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