Why Tebow Matters

Tim Tebow isn’t some ethereal figure. The miracles he has thrown across the Rocky Mountains are not heaven sent, but rather, they are the product of a kid who’s busted it just to make the grade.

We knew him long before today. He was the face of a powerful Florida team, the apostolic warrior who did the right things inside a program that too often did the wrong ones all too well. Tebow was the college hero without a rap sheet. He lived clean, played hard and won in bunches. His imprint on college football is unquestioned.

His transition to the next level was another matter. His first round selection was a curiosity. He was, at best, a project with little upside in a league where speed kills much better prospects than the kid from Florida. Tebow was an option quarterback, and that was a running joke going into this year. Cause it seemed the only option he had in the NFL was to serve as a sideline fixture with a clipboard in his hand.

He was never going to be a starter. Until he was. He was never going to win big games. Until he did. He was written off before he was written of, and I for one think it’s to his credit that he doesn’t take a hint very well.

Whatever Tebow does tonight doesn’t matter nearly as much as what Tebow has done to get to tonight. He was given the starting job with a 1-4 hole that he wasn’t really expected to dig out of. He was given the job as much to improve  his chances of playing somewhere else next year as anything.

He took the chance granted him and delivered. He’s 8-4 to this point, and all he did last week was beat one of the best defenses in the game. He has given the Broncos a chance that no one saw coming back in October.

Tebow has  galvanized a football town and he’s given some much needed contrast to a league where talented losers grab the headlines more often than not. There’s been a lot of talk about how the Tebow train has become a tired hype circus. Well, blame the twenty four hour sports circuits for that. For my money, I’ll take Tebow over Rex Ryan’s daily predictions and Santonio Holmes’ late game pouting and Brett Favre sightings and those Terrell Owens one man press conferences.

It’s on the field we’re talking about with Tebow. It hasn’t always been pretty, and sometimes it has been downright absurd. But damn if it hasn’t been a great ride. He’s not some mythical sign, simply a guy who doesn’t have the prototypical skills required of his job but somehow made it to January nonetheless.

You could field an all star team with the quarterbacks who are going to be watching him on television this weekend.  He’s a testament to what belief can achieve and he’s proven more than a few of us wrong this season.

There aren’t too many instances in the real world where being proved wrong is this much fun.

And when John Paar reworks his coming of age anthem in your honor? How cool is that?


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