My Frommers Championship Predictions

I’m taking another bent on my predictions, since all the game analysis is busying up on the stout defenses and elite quarterbacks. Here’s my best town wins way of figuring out today.

New York vs San Francisco- What’s not to love about the City by the Bay? You’ve got the Fog City Diner, which is a must should you have occasion to visit. There’s Fisherman’s Wharf, where you can spend an Otis Redding afternoon. The Japanese Tea Garden will leave you inspired. And if you’re looking for a ladder with which to take in the Bay, get to Nob Hill. Get your historical walk on at the Presidio, and use the cable cars whenever possible. Coolest thing, ever.

The New York side of the ledger is easy pickings. The Empire State Building is logical, but for the inner photographer in me, I loves me some Flatiron Building. And while in the neighborhood, I’m all over the Mesa Grill. Getting up early and doing the morning show windows is always a kick, after which I like to grab a cup of Joe from Dean & Deluca before carving up Fifth Ave all the way to FAO Schwartz and the Apple Store.  After which I can spend a day (and have) at the Met. Take in a Broadway play and then head over to Victors Cafe for the best Cuban food this side of Rincon Criollo.

The Pick- There are no losers in this titanic tilt. But I gotta go with my hometown, lest I get my privileges revoked. It’s New York by a half star over San Fran.

Baltimore vs New England- This one is way easier for me. Baltimore is Inner Harbor for me. But it doesn’t end there by a long shot. Grab a water taxi to Fort McHenry for the nexus of our Star Spangled history. Harbor East for your chic picks. The National Aquarium (GREAT snow day venture) is always fun. And whilst mourning the shuttered up Legal Seafood, I found my newest culinary entanglement at Bond Street Social. And Camden Yards is just one of my favorite Baltimore things.

What can I say about New England? I mean, without use of well worn expletives. I happen to believe it’s best experienced from the top down. Go hiking on Cadillac Mountain. A ski weekend in Killington or Pico (both!) is always the height of coolness. An afternoon stroll through the town of Woodstock is as good as it gets. Shop tax free in New Hampshire for a kitsch fix.  And while Massachusetts does possess its share of good time gets- from the Commons to Fenway Park- I never really fell in love with the state. And the best thing I can say about Connecticut comes from I Love Lucy episodes. On the upside, Rhode Island has the best parties per capita in the country, no kidding.

The Pick- I’m thinking it’s a rout. Baltimore by three stars.


4 thoughts on “My Frommers Championship Predictions

  1. One out of two ain’t bad, and I’m downloading Cayman Thorn’s guide to New York. Hey, what about a Jazz club? Naturally there’s the Village Vanguard, but where do New Yorker’s go?

    Wifey and I are planning a short visit. I’m thinking Roosevelt Island Tram, a Jazz night out, maybe top of the Roc, plus a great deal of wandering on my own while she convenes, including Met and maybe Frick, Greenwich, a stroll up Fifth to 125th and across. The Cloisters.

  2. J- Yanno, I’m thinking I should just go with travel guide predictions from here on out on my football picks. Cause that .500 mark is better than I could do any other way. As for the NYC Jazz excursion you’re cooking up? I gotta tell ya, I ain’t Jazz club 411. But I’d hit the Garage and the Bowery Poetry Club. No covers, and that’s big if you plan on crawling. The Garage will give you the jazz fix, and the club will throw beatnik six ways to sunshine on ya, very eclectic mix.
    After which, hit Porto Rico Importing on Bleecker. It’s coffee, tea and everything. And if you happen uptown some from there, go to the Playwright Tavern on 49th. Very, very cool place to hang.

  3. J Cafe- You got it, man. Couple of asides. NYC is great for cheap eats on the run. Gray’s Papaya always has specials that’ll run a couple bucks. And there are Korean BBQ platters aplenty that usually run five, six bucks. I loves me my Bobby Flay but after blowing 200 bucks on LUNCH at Bar Americain . . . yikes!

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