Side of Mash, Por Favor . . .

I’ve been in a mashy mood for the past day and change now, and I’m blaming it all on Joanna over at Khamillion, who posted a crazy cool Elvis mashup that you’ve gotta check out.

So I threw some Cubanismo on this morning and then chased it with this fun splash of Coldplay salsa, cause I do tend to like some salsa with my mash.

And it got me thinking how I want to get to Cuba some day, for the first time. It’s been a dream of mine, borne out of the stories mi papa would tell us of Havana in the time before the Revolution. That little island ninety miles off the coast has been a tease to my senses for a long time as a result of those stories.

Yeah, I could see myself there some day. Writing on Hemingway’s women and Castro’s inability to hit a curveball whilst tossing back a cafe con leche and rolling a cuban cigar around in my mouth.

There are worse things.


7 thoughts on “Side of Mash, Por Favor . . .

  1. Cayman, I love you man. First of all, I am happy you got grooves from the Elvis/Duffy mash up, secondly, I am happy to hear this more uplifting twist to Mr. Martin’s tune. There were some seriously fun dance moves in this video! I got up out of my chair, in front of everyone, and starting doing some strange contortion of dancing (think Elaine from Seinfeld dancing)..but I didn’t care…now I want to go to Cuba. Might I have to watch “Che” again next weekend.

    So, have we got a pattern going here? I must rebuttle. Stay tuned Mash Up friends.


    PS: Cayman,….get out of your funk and rock each day…you know…like it was your last….it’s more fun that way!

  2. I’ve seen Cuba from the air several times, and it’s unbelievably an untouched paradise of miles of white sand and sky blue water. It’s only a short flight from Cancun–a lot of Gringos do it that way.¡Échale ganas! (Go for it!) Terry

  3. Joanna- Soul sistah! Now that’s how you work a blog post! Glad to hear you got your dance on. I really liked that mashup, and yes a rebuttal would be a lot of fun….game on!

    Petal- Oh, I’ve looked into it. We shall see….

    Martha- Three lovely ladies in one blog post…..I must be doing something right! Welcome to the blog Martha, and thanks!

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