Winter Spill

With temperatures hanging in the ’60s this afternoon, now is as good a time as any to share with you a few of my favorite winter time things. Best to get these thoughts out there before Jack Frost gets kicked off the couch at the Gore compound and forced back to work.

I tend to be more romantically involved with winter when it misbehaves this way . . .

FYI– Ice fishing is NOT on the list. It’s a creepy dynamic . . now that I’ve watched one too many episodes of 1,000 Ways to Die. Cross country skiing didn’t make this short list either. I learned two valuable lessons from my first (only) cross country ski venture. 1- You have to stretch beforehand. 2- Exposing sensitive parts of your anatomy to ice packs all weekend is not the best way to pass the time in Vermont, or anywhere else for that matter.

Anyways, here are a few of my favorite winter things that do not involve igloo making, swearing or making reservations for someplace sunny.

Grilling- There’s never been a better way to beat the heat than this one. I’ve always worked my grilling schedule inversely. I happen to think the season for grilling is winter. Summertime? Why would I want to add some heat to the heat I’m trying to beat? (Get all that?) Summer is the time of year when I wait for grilling invites.

Aquariums- If you can get out of your driveway and then survive the bumper car conga lines, make way for an aquarium. The crowds are sparse, the place is hushed and the company is wild. It’s like IMAX opened a library . .  a big and peaceful place to wile away the snowy weather.

Baseball- The talking and reading of, I mean. Don’t try playing, unless you have neon colored baseballs and an affinity for frostbite. I do most of my baseball reading in the winter months. My latest find was Bottom of the 33rd by Dan Barry. And my latest talk was about the Yankees acquisition of Michael Pineda and how this young man’s presence has made me forget all about Mr. April, A.J. Burnett.

Guinness- It’s my winter happy meal.

Soup- I love to hit a Panera restaurant and sit down to a bread bowl of piping hot soup. Good stuff.

Now I’m going to go and fetch my flip flops and grab a light summer read, just because I can . . .


3 thoughts on “Winter Spill

  1. Guiness and soup! – You could eat Guiness and Oyster soup and enjoy several things at once – – – – – – two . . . . . or maybe even three, if the legend is true 🙂

    Soup is the ultimate comfort food- though I asked an Italian friend what they thought of as comfort food- he looked puzzled as I explained the concept– he thought hard and then said: ‘but surely all good food is comfort food…..’

  2. Rowland- Guinness and soup is what I’m talking about. I beg to differ on the idea that ALL food gives comfort. I know a few joints that make me feel downright uncomfortable.

    Joanna- Funny……veeeeerrrryyyy funny.

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