Beach Post Addendum (Cause it happens that way sometimes)

Well, Cayman Thorn ain’t perfect on his song. As much as he likes to think he knows it all on that bent.

So’s . . I posted the beach song post this morn with nary a quill’s hesitation. And solely on the fact that I was spilling forth some strong cubano mug with a shotgun of Everclear.

Well, that’s not good enough.

I owe you, my dear readers, a better flow of thoughts and sound than that. And that means nothing in the negative as far as the poetry of the artful Art Alexakis is concerned, because I happen to think the man is pure genius. It’s just that, there was a better song to be had in the end game than the one I posted.

So here then, the win win of it all.

Those Decembrists. Who I adore and more. Whose songs gallivant across many a midnight’s work I happen through. Whose inspiration is giant and yes, provident and yes-yes divinely intelligent. Fury and love, thrown together in a brilliant portrait of soul banditry.

I’m skipping out for my Friday night meal, but I do hope you enjoy these guys as much as I do.

Cause we’re like that. You, me and the Decembrists.



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