Super-Cala-Fragile-Istic Thoughts

My thoughts on the Super Bowl start with this one. If I were to wager on any part of the game (Which I won’t) it would be that the game will not begin at 6:29 . . .

– Peyton Manning has put his ego on display for all the world to see. I was never the biggest fan of 18, and this week reminded me why that is. I’ve never bought into the “Awe Shucks” persona he has worked hard to cultivate. He could have delayed all the talk of his future until after today’s game, but instead he chose the spotlight that is rightly his little brother’s with which to ponder, pontificate and percolate as to what next year might bring. Eli doesn’t need big brother to deflect attention away from him, he works in the biggest frying pan in sports- NYC. Peyton never had to deal with the crap Eli has handled, and I happen to think he wouldn’t have done nearly as good a job of it either.

– And speaking of, Eli Manning is as class a guy as you will ever want to meet. He’s got a lot of Jeter in him too.

– The Super Bowl belongs to Sunday. It will NEVER be moved to Saturday night, as some have suggested. Let’s face it, the networks pay far too much money for this spot, and losing an entire day of ad revenue would be a TV deal breaker.

– Indianapolis is NOT New York. Because unlike their Northeast counterpart, Indy has a dome. I’m with Seth Everett on this one in that I hope there’s a blizzard in 2014 and the game becomes a logistical nightmare. If the league wanted to honor the late Wellington Mara, they could’ve built a statue. Leaving a neutral site game open to Mother Nature’s whim is the height of arrogance.

– The Giants have been doing all the talking this week while the Patriots have remained very, very quiet. Does this mean anything in terms of the outcome? Maybe not, but if the Giants don’t win, prepare for the hindsight driven analysis that comes with talking before walking.

– As a baseball fanatic, I must concede this. There is no sporting event in the history of sporting events that comes close to the Super Bowl in terms of a national grip. This IS a holiday.

– And speaking of….while the Monday after the game should be declared a national holiday, it won’t ever happen. And the league wants it that way, because the Day After still belongs to Sunday. From retailers to chatter to the reach of social media outlets, it’s big business.

– Is there a more overhyped musical performance than the halftime show? I know it comes part and parcel, but really . .  I’m a music lover and I find the half hour intermission to be party purgatory. But I will watch Madonna tonight.

– I won’t predict a final score but I WILL predict Doritos comes up with something really funny in their spots.

– I hope Ochocinco makes a couple catches tonight. I’ve always liked the guy.

– Overtime . . . It would be nice.



3 thoughts on “Super-Cala-Fragile-Istic Thoughts

  1. I once watched sport, I actually did. I don’t anymore. But I know enough about it to truly enjoy your take on things, the human, the silly (half-time) hype, as if three songs could ever make an ‘event’, and as always the New York side of things. Here in Canada we have Toronto, which aspires to New Yorkedness, minus the winning sports teams. Insufferable.

  2. Jeff- The sporting world takes itself very seriously, which only makes it that much more entertaining to poke fun at. But I have to say, I loves me those Maple Leafs away jerseys.

    Petal- A Giants fan I can deal with, I thought for sure you were going to say Eagles….

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